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With our transparent document verification procedure, use our platform tools and admissions staff to eliminate fraud and unqualified applicants.

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Keep track of your progress and learn about enrollment patterns in certain courses, recruitment partners, and locations.

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Instead of depending on gut feeling, make data-driven judgments – For you to fine-tune your recruiting approach, you'll need to do effective and regular trend research.

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How THE EDU NETWORK Works with Our Channel Partners.

Step 1: Creating and matching student profile.

The Edu Network fits students of unique background and interests with programs and institutions. Complete one universal application and simultaneously apply the students to various programs, schools and countries.

Step 2: We check and apply/submit students' applications.

We check and apply/submit students' applications: Each application received will be reviewed by The Edu Network team for completion. Applications are sent to our Partner Schools for approval by The Edu Network once they have been reviewed.

Step 3: Your student gets an acceptance letter.

Your students should expect 95% chance of their institution of choice by using The Edu Network! We will alert you and forward your entry package once The Edu Network receives LOA.

Step 4: Request visas for your students.

Help your students with their future application and travel documents upon obtaining the admission kit from The Edu Network. During this process, The Edu Network will work with you.

Step 5: Get your commission.

Congratulations! Your student is registered successfully! You can obtain a commission within a few days after verifying student enrolment and payment to The Edu Network.

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Channel Partners share their
success stories

The Edu Network is hugely important to me since it helps me to publicly acknowledge my profile as well as my accomplishments. The great network of supporting folks is what keeps me coming back.


The Edu Network is a fantastic partner, serving as our secondary Marketplace. This platform may appear simplistic, yet it is simple to use and produces excellent results. I honestly feel that The Edu Network will soon become a game-changer in this business, thanks to the team's warmth and professionalism!

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One thing that stands out to me is that The Edu Network is genuinely concerned about its partners and students. I can simply discover whatever my kids require on The Edu Network smart portal. I appreciate how student-centered they are and how involved they are throughout the process, from student interest through application to career and immigration prospects. 


Working with The Edu Network has been a delight because they are able to offer numerous unique bursaries, scholarships, and tuition cost discounts to international students. It makes it much easier for me to recruit more students and provide them with a diverse selection of options in whatever country they choose.


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