Benefits of Foreign Language Center

Highly Subsidised Fee

On-site foreign language center

International Education Exposure

All International exams under one roof

Carve Linguist

Caters Holistic Development


Our vision is to unify and empower people with linguistic and intercultural competence in a globalized world, to be the platform where students, teachers and management may all grow holistically and create significant opportunities for personal and professional growth, contributing to meet their goals and to value knowledge skills that will support them as lifelong learners.


Our mission is to guide students toward excellence in communicative competence, create a challenging and learning environment and contribute to the development of socially sensitive, globally active citizens with the capacity to influence communities by bridging linguistic devides.


Our core strengths are the FLC TEN language teaching methods and material, which provide the quickest and most effective approach for all language learning objectives. The method is backed by a dedicated team of FLC TEN trainers and support staff, who further enable an environment for successful language acquisition.

Trusted by Leading Institutions


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