Our Leadership Team

Svetlana Kunskaja

Svetlana Kunskaja

Country Manager - Baltic Countries

Job Responsibilities

Svetlana has joined The Edu Network as the Baltic nations' Country Manager. She pursues strategic collaborations and focuses on further growing our products and services with students and institutions in addition to her general management responsibilities. Svetlana has gathered professional experience at both global and Lithuanian firms prior to joining the team. Staff management and administration, procurements, project administration and coordination, and company organization and administration were among her key responsibilities. Apart from this, she’s often engrossed in reading, and her other interests include skiing, cycling, attending cultural events, and musical festivals.

Her Vision for The Edu Network

The purpose of The Edu Network is to form and maintain relationships with both students and universities. We aim to serve and attract students all over the world as they search for the best programs and courses, and we want to be the unquestioned number one source of diversity and top talent for institutions for many years. Svetlana's main goal is to demystify and change old methods of recruiting into future-proof digital recruitment that results in high-value partnerships and strategies for institutions.

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