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Super Admin      Feb 02, 2024

Social Networks to Help You Study Smarter

With the hit of the pandemic, the world has taken a new shape even changing the education system to the core. The use of social media has spiked and just like everything else, it is a double-edged sword. Having both rosy outlooks and shortcomings, social networking platforms are not just a medium to connect with friends anymore but are a part of everyday lives. 

With the replacement of brick and mortar system of education with online classes, social media has become that bulletin board where one can obtain all the information be it about classes, doubt clearing sessions, or results. Many networks now provide ways for students to collaboratively learn, improve their academic performance, and conduct thorough research. Today, we’re going to explore the different ways students can use social networks to study smarter.



Also called the “front page of the internet”, Reddit enables its users, or we people call them “Redditors”, to share questions, stories, opinions, and experiences. One of the best parts of this is that the other Redditors can engage in a post related to their fields by submitting their ideas and answering different queries and offering different perspectives. Apart from this, the users can create a community space, known as, a subreddit or sub-community, in which they can talk and share their viewpoints on specific topics. Below are two of the major ways the students can this online platform for their benefit:

  • Get encouraging ideas for your writing: The sub-community is an amazing tool that works as an idea generator for essay topics. Also, the students can evaluate the work of their fellow mates.
  • You will get answers related to your study course: As mentioned before, the subreddits have steadfast specific programs/topics. This allows students to share information and notes with others. If you are stuck with something in your domain, don’t worry, there will be someone on this platform that has the answer!



Facebook is one of the best-known platforms that is used by most people that allows them to socialize with their kiths and kins. One of the best amenities that comes with it is that the students can use it to their advantage. Working as a medium to showcase their talents and provide the latest updates about the happenings of the world, additionally, it also works resourcefully as a means to find career opportunities. 

  • A free medium to exchange photos, videos, and links: With the feature of Facebook Messenger, the students can create groups for their schools and graduating class, and share important information regarding the same.
  • Students can create discussion forums: The creation of public discussion spaces allows not only students but the teachers as well. The lectures can be broadcast online in the private feeds and the live video streams allow students to post their questions or answer someone else’s in 4-6 sentences.



Being the most dominating social media platform of all, YouTube offers almost everything that a student can wish for. Be it for leisure purposes or for educational ones, a student can get every little hack on it! A powerful tool to get you through your academic journey.

  • It works as an online tutor: A great means to promote visual learning, YouTube is a go-to resource that can be accessed on a multitude of devices. It helps in easy integration of the concepts and develops note-taking skills. Moreover, it has numerous videos that can help students further develop the skills and abilities that are required of them.
  • YouTube Live helps a student engage in real-time: When a student is in need, YouTube is there indeed. Just like the videos, it has an option of hosting ‘live’ videos that allow students to interact with the mentors who are hosting the ‘live’. These sessions allow the audience to ask questions and get answers in actual time. 



Known as a free global community, this allows teachers and students to collaborate on classroom projects and share information regarding the same. With innovative ways to engage the students, Skype has helped almost every second teacher during the times of Covid. Apart from this, this platform allows guest speakers to come and interact with others who are not in the same physical environment.

  • It offers high-quality calling facilities: When studying, a constant flow is required, with Skype and its features the students and teachers get superior and smooth calling options. Along with this, there is an option to share your screen, which allows the students to understand things better.
  • Chat history and instant messaging: Skype clients can send texts across gadgets to different clients in their contact records. A full visit history is synchronized across the client's gadgets, which is useful for saving assets, notes, and conversations points shared on your Skype call.

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