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TED Talks Every Student Must Watch!

These days, the internet is a part of every aspect of our life. The internet may be used for many purposes, but how frequently do we use this enormous resource expressly for inspiration and education? While it is simple to get into social media and look for fast fulfillment, what about nurturing your mind and spirit? The good news is that there are many options to do so; in this post, we'll concentrate on TED Talks that focus on students.

 If you haven't heard of TED Talks, they are talks that are under 18 minutes long and fall into one of two categories:

  • Something novel and unexpected; an innovation or concept that your listeners have never heard of.
  • a strong fundamental proposition (that your audience may already be familiar with) supported by an innovative fresh argument that casts doubt on conventional wisdom.

At any time of day, either first thing in the morning or during a 15-20 minute break, they are fantastic videos to watch. The following TED Talks, which cover a range of themes that students will find engaging and thought-provoking, are highly recommended, regardless of when you choose to view them.

Inside The Mind Of A Master Procrastinator

For many students, procrastination is a daily struggle. Blogger Tim Urban provides a straightforward (and comical) explanation of why some of us are compelled to put off writing an essay or assignment until the very last minute, as well as how procrastination may worsen when there isn't truly a deadline to work toward. Just keep in mind that this video is not intended to be used as a means of procrastination.

GRIT: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Academic, psychologist and author Angela Lee Duckworth has authored a book about the importance of "grit" and how to achieve success. According to Duckworth, tenacity is the most important predictor of success. "Grit is enthusiasm and tenacity for extremely long-term goals," she asserts. Stamina is having grit. Grit is the ability to work really hard day in and day out to make your future a reality, not just for the week or the month but for years. Grit is the attitude that life is a race, not a sprint.

Success is not just dependent on your wealth, looks, or intelligence. Success isn't even about how hard you try; it's about how long you stick with it while keeping your long-term objectives in mind. Students need grit to succeed, and the greatest approach to developing more grit is to have a growth mindset, which is to recognize that you can learn from your mistakes and that you are continually growing, even as an adult.

How To Stay Calm When You Know You’ll Be Stressed

Each of us can become a little neuroscientist thanks to Daniel Levitin. Being a neuroscientist himself, Levitin uses his research to help non-scientists learn more about the brain through the use of simple language, relatable examples, and understandable analogies.

He covers how to take preventative action to avert disasters, which frequently occur while we are under stress, in this TED Talk. The major lesson to be learned from this TED Talk is that failure is something we must occasionally expect as humans. And when we are pressured, our failure rates will be higher. Levitin advises that in order to reduce the likelihood of failure under pressure, we should put procedures in place. Stressful moments for students might include exams or midterms, registration, the start of the autumn semester, or when they have a project or presentation due.

The Power of Introverts

Susan Cain is an advocate for introverts in many fields of work and refers to herself as a "silent revolutionary." In this TED Talk, Cain promotes the advantages of being an introvert and argues that, despite being frequently stigmatized as inferior to extroverts, introverts are just as useful to the world as extroverts.

According to Cain, a third of people are introverts, so even if you're not one yourself, chances are that many of your classmates or future employees will be. Knowing where and how you will be motivated, creative, and productive is crucial for students. Do not attempt to become an extrovert if you are an introvert. If you have created the ideal atmosphere for yourself to succeed, you will be more successful if you are aware of your abilities. If you are an introverted student, you might wish to designate a quiet study space or study period, request an individual assignment from your professor, or inform your group members that you will take up a portion of the project on your own.

The surprising habits of original thinkers

In reality, TED has already developed TED-Ed, a portal where you can access thousands of educational TED lectures for students and instructors. Education is currently one of the most popular themes in TED Talks.

This TED presentation by author and professor of organizational psychology Adam Grant is among the best ones that are suggested for students.

Here, Professor Grant discusses how to generate brilliant ideas, organize projects, and see them through to completion—all excellent abilities for students! Even more, to pique your interest, he explains why a little procrastination is beneficial.

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