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Thinking Abroad? Think Happiest Nations!

Have you ever wondered what the most popular foreign locations are for students seeking higher education from all across the world? Have you ever considered what elements draw students to a certain country? What do you think? Could happiness be the main reason? Well, in the middle of the academic pressures that students face in order to keep up with regular lectures and extracurricular activities, it becomes vital to lead a well-balanced joyful life. Agree?

While education is the foundation of a happy life, happiness is the core of it. In their hunt for the ideal institution, students sometimes overlook the importance of personal fulfillment, which, as we all know, is vital for learning. Combining this virtue with academics may do wonders for kids' growth since they will be exposed to a lifestyle that is not only learning-intensive but also gives back smiles. As a result, for those seeking happiness, we've compiled a thorough list of the happiest nations to study abroad, which not only provide a happy environment for foreign students but also world-class education programs across all disciplines.


Norway is not just the happiest country in the world, but it is also one of the countries with the cheapest or free higher education in the world. Even international students who may be required to pay a semester fee will find the application price to be reasonable. However, the expense of living is considerable. The University of Oslo is Norway's top-ranked university.

Norway would also do well if the Better Life Index included a statistic for breathtaking photo possibilities; places like Kjeragbolten, where you can stand on a rock wedged between two cliff faces hundreds of feet above solid ground, are among the country's best.


Spain is the world's second-most populous country (and the first in Europe), making it an enticing study abroad location! You'll be spoiled for choice in this sunny, historical, and beautiful nation, with low living expenses, a superb education system, and over 70 colleges to select from! You'll never run out of things to do while you're not studying. If you study abroad in Spain, you will have a great time whether you are eating tapas on Spanish sidewalks, appreciating Picasso and Gaudi's artwork, or cheering on Real Madrid and Barcelona in their home stadiums.


Switzerland ranks first in the OECD Better Life Index's jobs category, with job security, salaries, and employment rates among the best in the world. Because of its strong economy, healthy population, and significant government investment in education and innovation, Switzerland also ranks first in life satisfaction.

Study in Switzerland and you'll be among the world's happiest people! There is so much to see and do in Switzerland. For a tiny nation, that's rather astounding, especially because it also has two of the world's best colleges! Critical thinking, interactive learning, and active arguing will be at the heart of your learning in the classroom, equipping you with abilities that will serve you well in any professional path you choose.

Prepare to ski in the magnificence of the Swiss Alps, explore gorgeous fairy tale castles, and relish the flavor of some of the most delectable chocolate you can discover during your study breaks! Why not become a Swiss citizen and acquire a top degree in this beautiful, safe, and sweet-filled haven?


Canada, being the world's most educated country, boasts world-class colleges and was ranked amongst the highest in the world for teaching quality and job opportunities. Outside of the lecture hall, you can be mesmerized by the splendor of Niagara Falls, journey through one of the many captivating national parks, or encounter a polar bear in Churchill! Studying abroad in Canada will be simple to adjust to because of the country's variety and inclusive beliefs, and you'll get to experience the excellent level of life that Canadians enjoy. What are you waiting for? Canada is often regarded as one of the greatest nations in which to live and study, so what are you waiting for?


France is at the top of most people's bucket lists because of its trendy clothing, stunning French Riviera, and lovely Notre-Dame Cathedral, among many other attractions. With a prominent educational system and over 3,500 higher education institutions to select from, an increasing number of students are contemplating studying in this fascinating and enchanting nation. You may enjoy everything from the comforting coziness of a winter chalet in the Alps to the glitz and glamour of Cannes, which is ranked highest in the world for culture and for adventure.


Denmark has consistently ranked among the world's happiest study abroad destinations. The country's modern yet relaxing lifestyle reflects the country's well-known Scandinavian contentment. Denmark boasts a number of prestigious universities to support its well-oiled educational system. These academic institutions, which appear in International University Rankings, are sought after by students from all over the globe for their creative course structures and inexpensive tuition rates. Despite this, the country's cost of living is significantly higher, even surpassing that of the United States by 12%.

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